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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Why do you need to choose ClixSense as your extra cash earning channel ?

There is one question that you will always seen over the internet : "How to make money fast online ?" is the question that people ask the most and you can just type in such a sentence on Google Search Engine to see the result from it. You will immediately found that tons of articles were written regarding to this question and tries to provide answer with all kinds of suggestion but end up may cost you lots of money or time if you just want some quick cash.

According to my own experience online for many years, there are no quick cash online but only work hard with some clever strategy from people who has gone before you in all those trail and failure. There is for sure some simple way to make some extra cash online such as the following website but don't expect you will get rich quick over night because it won't happen. However, if you really wants to work and earn some extra cash to start up with, this is a website that I will highly recommended.

Why ClixSense ?
ClixSense is no more a PTC (Pay To Click) website which has been in this business for over 10 years and it is one of the most reliable website with great reputation even now. ( I can say that because I 've been earning with this website for the past 5-6 years and I have no problem with my payment up to now. It is a website which will always pay on time and has never been a scam in this business. Right now, It is offering lots of good paid surveys,paid offering and task as well. It is as simple as one two three and everyone can do it and the best part of it being that : it is free to sign up with no catch at all. Sign up for free

Earning Potential

Since a new beginning will happen to ClixSense starting on July 17, 2017, I would like to share about their commission structure for you to consider to join in this extra cash earning  family. Take a look on what they say :

"Affiliate sign up commissions update
10 Jul 2017 02:53 pm
Members, as you are aware on July 17th we will move to our new business model and we wanted to give you an update on what the sign up commissions will be.

Here is an overview of our future affiliate sign up commissions:

Effective July 17th ALL members will get the following sign up commissions:

$2.00 commission on first $5.00 earned from their new affiliate.
$0.30 sign up commission on new active affiliates in top tier countries.
$0.10 sign up commission on new active affiliates in other countries.

Top Tier Countries refers to country such as USA, Uk, Canada, Australia and much more.

There were also some questions on whether the $5.00 bonus for every $50.00 earned in completed tasks was being removed. It is not being removed and will remain."

By looking at all the update information from above, you will know that ClixSense new program will pay more commission to its affiliate . Thus , I high recommended you to sign up right now and starting to earn your extra cash like I do each and every month. Sign up for free

Earning Strategy

Since you  may not click too many ads to earn  extra cash like the good old days with ClixSense new plan. The following 2 ways of earning will be your focus.

1. Doing Survey, Task and Offer : When you click the survey button, you will need to fill up the profile on the top right of the survey profile because it is the way to determine 
whether you will get lots of surveys or not in the future. Honest information is essential and it also depends on which country you are living in. The top Tier Countries listed in the above will get more high pay surveys than some other countries and that's their policy anyway. However, I found that the more you Log in daily, the more surveys you will get 
after you click on one or two ads. (More survey will pop up on the survey button showing how many surveys are available at the moment.) The more survey you do, the more
money you will get. Each survey worth differently and the time you need to spend on each one will be different as well. I earn most of my money from doing surveys and I feel happy with the payment as well.

3.* Referrals is the most important Key : ClixSense doesn't offer rented referrals ( that means you have to pay the website to rent somebody to click the ads for you , then you can earn from their action) like other website does. It simply means that you have to get direct referrals by yourself. How can you do that for free ? You can write up a post on a free blog just like what I am doing and post it on social network such as Face book,Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkshare and network like this to teach others on how to earn money with this website. Of course you need to post your link for others to sign up as your referrals . For more referrals you get, more money you will make . Some people may pay $17 per year to upgrade their membership as a premium members in order to get more surveys and get pay more from their referrals . However, it is optional. I did it with all the free money I earned and then I upgrade my membership with those money I earned. Thus, I haven't spend a dime from my own pocket. 

Get Pay

In order to get pay, you need to Sign Up for free with a Payoneer account or some other payment gateway as listed in ClixSense, but they don't use PayPal anymore. So, be aware of that.

Just as I did many years ago and you will start to earn some extra cash online with patience. That's it and it all begins with a Free sign up here.