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Saturday, January 3, 2015

How to avoid paid per click scam sites online ?

          If you are looking for how to make money with paid per click websites, you will probably waste your time with most of the scam sites after you search from Google. That's the reason why I want to write an article on how to avoid paid per click scam sites online and remind my readers to be always be caution of scam sites. However, after I have spent a few years in this make money sites, I am able to share some of the ways to avoid such scam sites and spend time with the only legit site that worth to spend your time with online. Before I am going to tell you the tips on stay away from those scam sites, I just want to save your time by introducing this legit site in which I think it is worthy for you to sign up and spend your time with.


    This is the big boss in the pay per click industries for more than 8 years by now. I enjoy my time with this site because it really paid and you don't even have to post your payment proof to their forum just like other website required. Clixsense can do that just because  they are so confident on their services and the payment with their website. it is so easy to earn money with this website and you only spend less them 5 minutes to click their ads and sign up if you are as lazy as I do all the times with this site. However, you can do their survey once awhile if you intend to make more money because the pay survey is quite a good deal as well.If you want to earn more , you can earn from their offer , task , grid or games as well if you have more times to do so. However, I will only give you 2 tips about this site if you really want to earn big money from it. 1. Although your sign up is free with this site, but upgrade to premium account is highly recommended. $17 per year is absolutely worthy it because you can earn it back within a month. in fact , I earn everything back within 10 days in my first month with them. Upgrade will raise up your earning like rocket and double your earning in many things you do within this site. 2. Get as many as direct referrals as you can. Since Clixsense will only count all of your referral in the first level and anything they earn except upgarde commission to 8 level, so just make use of the social network such as Facebook , Twitter, My space and sites like this to promote this business for you. Or maybe one of the best way for promotion is to write an article like what I am doing right now and post it on a blog and that will attract more targeted traffic for your business. This is called article marketing and I got more than 250 referrals by using this strategy on my last promotion. However, don't copy anybody's article because Google will know that with that system and your ranking on the search engine won't be high anyway if you do so.Oh , yes.I forgot to tell you that every upgrade commission is $2 in the first level from your referral and any level below that is $1 which is very good. I have already earn more than $80 USD and got pay with paypal in my last two payment with this site (over $40 in each payment), so it makes me so confident to share this site with you. This is 100 legit and no scam at all. You can sign up for free with the following banner provided from below.

5 Tips on how to avoid scam pay per click sites :

1. Sounds too good to be true

    For example , they will pay $2-$5 for you to sign up . Sounds good ? No. Most of these sites will pay you less than $0.00001 per click and their minimum payout will be from $5 to $50, That means you won't be able to cash out anything and reach their pay out before you want to quit.

2. The website history is too short

    If the site history is less than 3 years, they will close the site anytime if they will encounter any cash flow problem. That means, all of your earning will be disappeared in one night if the site will close suddenly. so, longer history means this site is really on the ball and knows how to run a better business.

3. Poor support services

   Whenever, you submit a ticket and wants to ask for anything. The support services will never response or take a long time to response is another red flag as well.

4. Look at the forum or blog

    If they don't even have any payment proof found in their forum or people keep express their unhappiness with this on their blog, so you can sense how bad this site is or was. Some of the website doesn't even provide any forum or blog as well. Whenever you encounter any website like that, just stay away from it.

5. You can check any site online to see if they are legit or scam

      Just key in the the name if the site and put scam at the end, and you will see what comes up about that site and read some of the comment or review about that site. If many people are telling you that the site is good , then it is reliable. Otherwise, you will know which site is a scam one.


     I have great confident that Clixsense is a site which has passed all these tests. In fact, this is the only paid per click site that I want to recommend to you. I wouldn't say that you will get rich with paid per click sites but it will certainly provide some more cash flow for you if you have a legit one. Finally, don't forget to click the advertisement in a daily basis by yourself .So enjoy what this site can provide for you and sign up for free with the banner below. 

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