Monday, February 22, 2016

Top 3 tips on how to make money with Pay To Click webistes ?

           There are real money that you can make with pay to click (or PTC) websites online if you know how. Although I wouldn't say that you will be a millionaire by tomorrow when you join a PTC website, I still think that it is a good idea to sign up for free and start to make some extra cash online with this kinds of simple websites. Since I did it before and really earn some money from it, then I will promote this to you with my first hand and legit experience.I believe that the following 3 tips will be a great help to you before you want to sign up as a PTC member for free.

1. Avoid scam

    I understand the frustration by joining some kinds of scam websites that will either shut off  in a few years or they will never pay you. In fact , I have experience like that when I first started. Any PTC websites which will promise you to earn more than $0.02 per clicks with all their ads and their history is just so new that most likely the website is either a scam or unreliable. Legit websites will always provide you with longer history and not all ads will be higher than $0.02 per clicks even there might be a few ads with this kind of payment( but not all of them, otherwise the website will be finished in a few months because they don't have that much to pay you).

2. Upgrade is recommended

    I know everybody want things for free and sign up for any PTC websites are all free anyway. However, upgrade will give you many benefits that the free account won't be able to offer. For example, Upgrade in this great PTC website is only $17 per year (much lower than the other PTC websites, some would ask for $90 per year) and each members you refer, you will get $2 if they upgrade as a premium members in the first level and starting from 2nd Level to all the way down to 8th level, any upgrade of their membership, you will receive $1 as well. If you have more referrals like I once did (350 referrals) and you will have many extra income from your referrals when they do their work and that is where your major earning roll in. Whenever they refer others who upgrade, click the ads, do the offer and tasks, do surveys, buy ad packs ( you will receive a commission) and any other activities that they will do in the websites; you will make money as well. However, if you just want to stay as a free member, it is still ok with this website because this website have greater earning than any other PTC websites that I knew of. However, your earning will be slower than those upgrade members since you are just earning by clicking , doing surveys , doing tasks and doing offer just by yourself not by any referrals. As a tips, you can start up for free and when you earn your first $17, then just use it for your upgrade (only if you want to do it in the slow way). That means you don't have to pay for anything by your own pocket and that's a way you can consider to follow.

3. Be persistence

    The biggest problem with many drop out from the PTC sites or any other make money business being that everyone who sign up just wants to make quick money or just a few dollars and then leave. These people will never be big earner anyway. Just like any other online business, whoever wants to be a big earner must be persistence and don't give up so easily. "Quick money" usually is not "big money". If you want to earn big with PTC, You need to visit the websites everyday and click those ads everyday. You need to do the survey as much as you can.I can tell you that the surveys in this PTC website sometimes will appear once, twice to 4 times daily and each survey will give you $0.85-$1.50 and I did 4 survey within one day and earned $6 easy dollars just like that (not all the times, but it did happen, so don't forget to fill up your survey preference , then they will know which survey may fit you). Why did I earn so much from the surveys and still earning ( they won't send it to your email) ? Just because I always visit the website, login and check the survey page often. You need to refer others as much as you can. For this is the way that will guarantee you to make big money with PTC . You will laugh once you have more than 300 referrals to sign up under you because you will watch the money goes up like rocket everyday without you doing anything.


There are surely lots of money that are waiting for you to earn with PTC site such as this website. Why do I not mention the other PTC websites in this article ? Just because I have tried them all (Oh, you name it) and only this one is the best. you can promote your referral link by using free social media websites such as Facebook , Twitter and My Space or you can use pay ads to get faster result. Whatever you want to do, just remember that PTC is a way to earn money but if you want to earn big some extra cash with it, you need to spend time to do so. It is also important to provide training like what I am doing right now with article like this. Otherwise, you will just get people sign up but they will never click the ads in a daily basis. Or they won't do any earning activities within the website because nobody has ever taught them to do so. I hope this article may help you out . And if you think you want to start up your earning journey with PTC today, you can sign up for free with the following banner .

By the way, I have just cashout my most recent earning and it was $76 USD. in March, 2016. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Review of YouGov the legit survey website


         If you haven't heard of YouGov, I would love to take this moment to introduce this interesting and easy survey website to you right now. YouGov is an international internet-based market research firm, headquartered in the UK, with operations in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. YouGov was founded in the UK in May 2000 by Stephan Shakespeare and Nadhim Zahawi.
Then this firm started to grow and more  people are willing to sign up as a member and participated in filling up survey for this website ever since.

       I was one of those people who sign up for free in this website a few months a ago. I quickly filled up all my profile information and all the file that may increase my opportunity to fill up more surveys and I think my fun journey with this site began. Since I signed up with the Asia-Pacific YouGov, they started to send me survey from one time a week to a few times  a week. The best part of these surveys were all very short : from 1 minute to 5 minutes the most. Average survey is less than 2 minutes and then you will earn from 130-270 points immediately once you finish the survey. It was so easy and the best part of all these surveys are all simple and easy survey for everyone. Unlike the other survey firm or company which will disqualify you during the beginning or the middle of your survey. You will always get through  all the surveys and receive all your reward points right away from YouGov. YouGov has never disqualify any of my survey. I don't think you can find any survey site better than this one in the internet world.

                   Sign up for free now : YouGov

   Once you achieve 5000 points , you can choose whatever reward you want from this website and redeem your points for your reward. It is so easy and I just redeemed my points and received my $25 SGD (Singapore dollar even I am living in Hong Kong and it equals to $178 HKD on my cash day) to my PayPal account. It takes no more than 10 business days for you to see the money appear in your PayPal account if you want this reward(I've got it within 5 days). But you will  get the money since this is a big and legit company, so don't worry about it.

                   Sign up for free now :  YouGov

    I am not saying that you will get rich by doing survey alone but for sure it is a way to give you extra cash online and you just doing all this in your spare time. You can do it while you have nothing to in the subway or just waiting for someone  with your own phone. the best part of all is being that more referral means more points for you when they fill out just the first five surveys and you will get 200 points for your own credit which is easy enough. The more people you refer, the points you will have. Now you can sign up with the following link if you are living in Asia. otherwise, you can sign up with the other YouGov as well, It depends on where you are living right now. Well, that's it, enjoy your earning while you start to fill up all the information after your sign up. Then start to receive your survey and earn your points with fun.

By the way, I have just cashout my most recent earning in March, 2016 and it was another $25 SGD. This was my second cashout . And I just have my recent cashout few days ago and yes, again. It is legit and it is easy. If I can do it , so can you.

                    Sign up for free now : YouGov

Monday, January 5, 2015

How to earn extra income with survey sites online ?

Quick and Easy Residual Income Streams

Do you know you can earn extra income with survey sites online ? Yes, you can. However, there are some tips that you may need to know before you consider this online earning opportunity. After I tell you all the tips about get paid with survey sites, then I will provide the names of some of the sites that  I have personally experience with. 

1. Doing survey is not a get rich quick way

    Most of the sites require you to fill up some basic surveys for 
    your profile and it is a way for them to choose the most suitable 
    surveys for you. Some of the site will just send one or two 
    survey to you per year and it really depends on where you live 
    and whether your information match with some particular survey
    or not. So, you surely need patient for this way of making money

2. Doing more survey means increasing your earning 

    You surely can increase your earning opportunity by doing more 
     surveys. The key is to sign up to as many survey sites as 
     possible to increase your survey opportunity online. You won't 
     earn much money by just sign up for one or two survey sites
     because each survey will reward you from few cents to $50 the
     most. When you sign up with more than 20 sites or more, then 
     you will be happy to see your earning goes up faster after a few

3. Doing surveys but also some other work in those sites

    There are many survey sites not only provide surveys for its
    members but also some other ways to earn more money such as 
    participate on focus group, trying new products paid , doing
    offer or task and much more. Participate on all these work will
    surely increase your extra income online much faster. So, be 
    sure you won't miss such an opportunities.

4. Doing survey can be fun but always stay away from scam 

    There are many surveys sites that will never pay you for your 
     work and you really need to stay away from those scam sites. It 
     is always good to search site such as survey police or fill up the 
     name of the site in the Google search engine and then write 
     scam at the back of the name before you press enter on the 
     search engine. For example : 123 survey scam, then Read all 
     those information from what will show up in that page before
     you sign up with any survey site because it is a protection for
     your work and your money as well.Nobody wants to work but
     won't be able to get paid with. So, just be alert on any survey
     opportunity before your sign up.

5. Doing survey and get pay by Paypal is highly recommended

    Although there are many ways of payment you can choose with, 
    but still Paypal can be the most useful for all your online
    payment received . If you do want to use such a payment system
    you can ask the survey site to send your money to your address
    by check or transfer to your bank account if it is more suitable
    for you. It really depends on your need and  your choice as well.

Before I will list some of the sites that I have previously sign up for free with, I would highly recommended a site for you that you can really get paid from survey business. If fact , it is one of the best-seller on the best-survey sites information for many months online.

You can find out for yourself by Click Here 

Surveys sites that I will recommend to you are as following and sign up is free :

  1. YouGov ( I have just earn $178 HKD from it and it is a fun site to
       play with.Plus another $25 SGD in March, 2016 new cashout.And my most recent one a few days ago and it is now in August, 2016.)

Sign up for Free : YouGov

2.Opinion world

Opinion World

I have earned $170.25 HKD from Opinion World in Oct. 2015. And another $260.25 HKD in March, 2016. Not bad , not bad . He Ha !
If I can do it, so can you. Sign up with the link from above now.

 3. MySurvey
This one is easy as well and I have already cashout a few times from this site and it is legit.

That's it and enjoy your earning.




Saturday, January 3, 2015

How to avoid paid per click scam sites online ?

          If you are looking for how to make money with paid per click websites, you will probably waste your time with most of the scam sites after you search from Google. That's the reason why I want to write an article on how to avoid paid per click scam sites online and remind my readers to be always be caution of scam sites. However, after I have spent a few years in this make money sites, I am able to share some of the ways to avoid such scam sites and spend time with the only legit site that worth to spend your time with online. Before I am going to tell you the tips on stay away from those scam sites, I just want to save your time by introducing this legit site in which I think it is worthy for you to sign up and spend your time with.


    This is the big boss in the pay per click industries for more than 8 years by now. I enjoy my time with this site because it really paid and you don't even have to post your payment proof to their forum just like other website required. Clixsense can do that just because  they are so confident on their services and the payment with their website. it is so easy to earn money with this website and you only spend less them 5 minutes to click their ads and sign up if you are as lazy as I do all the times with this site. However, you can do their survey once awhile if you intend to make more money because the pay survey is quite a good deal as well.If you want to earn more , you can earn from their offer , task , grid or games as well if you have more times to do so. However, I will only give you 2 tips about this site if you really want to earn big money from it. 1. Although your sign up is free with this site, but upgrade to premium account is highly recommended. $17 per year is absolutely worthy it because you can earn it back within a month. in fact , I earn everything back within 10 days in my first month with them. Upgrade will raise up your earning like rocket and double your earning in many things you do within this site. 2. Get as many as direct referrals as you can. Since Clixsense will only count all of your referral in the first level and anything they earn except upgarde commission to 8 level, so just make use of the social network such as Facebook , Twitter, My space and sites like this to promote this business for you. Or maybe one of the best way for promotion is to write an article like what I am doing right now and post it on a blog and that will attract more targeted traffic for your business. This is called article marketing and I got more than 250 referrals by using this strategy on my last promotion. However, don't copy anybody's article because Google will know that with that system and your ranking on the search engine won't be high anyway if you do so.Oh , yes.I forgot to tell you that every upgrade commission is $2 in the first level from your referral and any level below that is $1 which is very good. I have already earn more than $80 USD and got pay with paypal in my last two payment with this site (over $40 in each payment), so it makes me so confident to share this site with you. This is 100 legit and no scam at all. You can sign up for free with the following banner provided from below.

5 Tips on how to avoid scam pay per click sites :

1. Sounds too good to be true

    For example , they will pay $2-$5 for you to sign up . Sounds good ? No. Most of these sites will pay you less than $0.00001 per click and their minimum payout will be from $5 to $50, That means you won't be able to cash out anything and reach their pay out before you want to quit.

2. The website history is too short

    If the site history is less than 3 years, they will close the site anytime if they will encounter any cash flow problem. That means, all of your earning will be disappeared in one night if the site will close suddenly. so, longer history means this site is really on the ball and knows how to run a better business.

3. Poor support services

   Whenever, you submit a ticket and wants to ask for anything. The support services will never response or take a long time to response is another red flag as well.

4. Look at the forum or blog

    If they don't even have any payment proof found in their forum or people keep express their unhappiness with this on their blog, so you can sense how bad this site is or was. Some of the website doesn't even provide any forum or blog as well. Whenever you encounter any website like that, just stay away from it.

5. You can check any site online to see if they are legit or scam

      Just key in the the name if the site and put scam at the end, and you will see what comes up about that site and read some of the comment or review about that site. If many people are telling you that the site is good , then it is reliable. Otherwise, you will know which site is a scam one.


     I have great confident that Clixsense is a site which has passed all these tests. In fact, this is the only paid per click site that I want to recommend to you. I wouldn't say that you will get rich with paid per click sites but it will certainly provide some more cash flow for you if you have a legit one. Finally, don't forget to click the advertisement in a daily basis by yourself .So enjoy what this site can provide for you and sign up for free with the banner below.